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The Top 15 TV Couples and Why We Love Them

  • Platynum

    #WestAllen ,Jane and Michael,Jack and Rebecca,Beth and Randall and Malec!!!!!

  • Clark

    Pathetic list. Where is Kara and Mon-El their love is epic

    • violet

      Lol obviously not epic enough to make this list…exit stage right please.

    • IntrepidNormal

      It is?

  • Clv

    This is a great list and I love what you said about most of them but especially Barry and Iris. I like that you mention how they compliment each other. Their relationship is truly mature, balanced and healthy. I’m also a sucker for friends turned lovers because I believe that is what truly makes relationships last. Not only love but when you genuinely like your spouse

  • Amanda Goh

    Sanvers is such a beautifully written and healthy relationship, it’s such a shame they’ll break up next season. Westallen is getting married woohoo!

  • What Other Girls?

    Love that my faves WestAllen & malec are there <3

  • AOTR

    WestAllen #Gold Standard

  • Marysocontrary

    I don’t know how anyone loves the toxic vileness that is Craptin Swan. The women of Storybrooke could have their own #MeToo movement for all of the times he harassed them and it would include Emma’s own mother. Then there’s the fact that he threatened to kill her family. The writers had to completely destroy Emma as a character to put him with the kind of man that she used to help put away as a bailbonds person.