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Mindhunter: Netflix Series Review

  • Rafał Maciejewski

    When searching through reviews of Mindhunter on Rotten Tomatoes I came across only two “rotten” reviews, so I was curious. One of them is by someone who only watched the first episode, so I didn’t even finish reading, the second one is yours. Although I really enjoyed the show and would have rated it better, the review brings interesting insights that I wouldn’t think of on my own. Certainly a solid and thorough piece of work, good job :)

  • ze Commie

    This is not a review, is a comparison with the book, if you are making a review about a TV Show, the source material is left apart, because the review is about a TV SHOW.

    And on the other hand, this review gets into a high level of subectivity as you talk about the “problem” of ethnicity in the casting, which is just completelly dumb, as it has no support at all as an “argument”.