Sherlock and the Trouble of Source Material

  • discobaba

    Great read Travis. You’re absolutely right that fridging is a too-commonly-used trope that needs to stop. I would like to suggest, however, that this actually did NOT happen to Mary.

    I agree with everything you’ve said about Mary’s character in BBC Sherlock. She’s absolutely “set up as core member of the cast.” However, I think this is all for a reason greater than fridging. I believe Gatiss and Moffat have thoughtfully chosen to develop her character because she still IS a core member, and her death in “The Six Thatchers” is not the end.

    Mark my words, Mary will be making a re-appearance in either “The Lying Detective,” “The Final Problem,” or both.

    • Travis Hymas

      I’m glad you enjoyed the piece!

      You definitely have a point about the possibility of a fake-out; Moffat is known for blatantly lying to preserve a plot twist. Though, in this case, there’s enough evidence in the episode that points to things being as they seem. Primarily: there’s not really any point to faking Mary’s death at the same time as the real traitor is revealed. Additionally, I didn’t include this, but Norbury’s name is a reference to “The Adventure of the Yellow Face,” in which Sherlock says the same lines about arrogance, but not to Mrs. Hudson. Moffat loves legacy even more than lying, so I’ll hold my expectations for resurrections.

      That said, if you’re right, I’ll be back here to give that to you.

    • discobaba

      Well, I take back nearly everything I said. Mary certainly made a re-appearance in the rest of the series, but not in a way that I expected nor felt was excusable for her character and her death.

      In the end, Mary was indeed another victim of fridging, and disappointingly so. Add that to the multitude of other issues with Series Four of Sherlock, and it looks like I’ve been giving too much credit to Gatiss and Moffat’s writing skills for far too long.

      • Tried to reply to you before, but it didn’t work and I just noticed!

        Anyway, glad you liked the piece, and I’m actually kind of bummed you ended up being wrong. I’ve been a long time defender of Moffat over on team Doctor Who, but after this I lost the energy to watch the night of, or even a few days later.