Movie Review: ‘Minions’

  • Keiv Spare

    I kept wondering why Scarlett and Herb didn’t just steal the crown themselves, using Herb’s gadgets. Why trust the job to the minions?

    • Josh Cabrita

      Good point. But quite honestly, I think incoherent plotting is the least of the film’s worries.

  • Nicolas Jimenez

    I completely agree with you, this is such a mindless movie. Even though it’s aimed for children the plot should have been better thought out. Just a lot of stuff poorly connected gathered in 90 mins.

    • Josh Cabrita

      Very true. Thanks for reading!

  • johanneslabusch

    Spot on review. Bad children’s movies get a pass way too often because film critics don’t trust their own expertise: “The little ones probably loved it, even though I didn’t”. In the sold out screening I attended, there were maybe three audible laughs from an audience consisting almost entirely of kids. This was like being served a huge meal cooked from spices. Sensory overload and no nutrition whatsoever.

    • Josh Cabrita

      I had a very similar experience. My six year old brother who is supposed to be a part of this film’s target audience didn’t even chuckle once.

      • johanneslabusch

        After “Inside Out”, this is the perfect example how not to do it …

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