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Jon would say that as a writer, he is a self-proclaimed film snob and a pop culture junkie. Always gives his honest, critical, and maybe a little bit snarky opinion on everything. He's very detail oriented and loves anything involving creativity and innovation. You're better off asking him who his favorite director is rather than his favorite film. So beware and get ready to be entertained. You can contact him at or follow him on twitter @DystopianHero. (Also, he doesn't always refer to himself in the third person, but sometimes he just has to).

Long Day’s Journey Into Night Movie Review: An opulent reflection of the past

Despite Long Day’s Journey Into Night’s pensive, poetic pacing, Bi creates a world full of opulence but only for those willing to take the trip.

Disneynature’s Penguins review: These penguins will melt even the iciest of hearts

Penguins is proof positive that you don’t have to compromise fun with learning, especially when the subject is a charismatic Adélie penguin named Steve.

Sunset Movie Review: Ambition and ambiguity sink an overlong and overdrawn story

I’ve always hated the term “sophomore slump” because I’ve never found the second of anything to be all that disappointing. When it comes to doing things a second time, it usually turns out to be easier and more fulfilling. Even…

On Her Way to Captain Marvel: 5 Roles that prove Brie Larson was always a superhero

It has been a long, macho, white male-dominated road to get to this point, but we have finally reached a new age of comic book heroes. I’d like to say gone are the days of the mediocre male superhero, but…

The’Midsommar’ trailer shows that darkness can hide in the brightest places

Indie powerhouse studio A24 looks like it will continue its streak of bringing us unsettling and unnerving horror films with it’s newest offering, Midsommar. From the writer/director of last year’s incredible Hereditary, Ari Aster returns with a familiar tone, but…

Miss Bala Review: Of all the shots the film takes, only Gina Rodriguez hits the mark

Any time a foreign film is remade for Hollywood audiences, there is an inevitable degree of Americanization that takes place. Our country’s values are injected into this new narrative, oftentimes completely changing the original film’s message and creating something much…

Cast and Creative Team Behind ‘Project Blue Book’ Talk UFOs, Sci-Fi Films, and Aliens

It is impossible not to think about aliens and crop circles, among other things, whenever someone mentions UFOs. Sure, the term may have had its origins steeped in extraterrestrial panic, but the term “Unidentified Flying Object” is really just a…