Jon Winkler
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Jon Winkler is a 23-year-old movie/music nerd in East Hampton, NY by way of Merrimack, NH. He loves watching, listening to, dissecting, mocking and talking about movies, television, music, video games and comics. He enjoys a good cheeseburger, believes CDs and vinyl are superior, likes to make people smile if they're having a rough day, and is rumored to be Batman (unconfirmed).

Movie Review: Kuso

Not every movie has to lay everything out in front of the audience. Abstract and experimental films have provided a wider canvas of imagination for audiences to absorb since the start of cinema. A fil…

Movie Review: Wish Upon

Question: Are you supposed to laugh at a horror movie? Granted, if there’s a funny scene in a horror movie or if the movie is a horror-comedy, it might be fine to laugh. But if the movie is straightfo…