Randy Radic
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Left Coast author and writer. A cigar smoker, he keeps snakes as pets. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen name of John Lee Brook.

Elder Statesman: First Column

Editor’s note: Elder Statesman is a column from Randy Radic, who is older than the usual Young Folks writer, about the new music that catches his interest. This is the first entry in what will be a recurring column on…

Middle Child Releases Stylish “Burn Out”

Alt-pop duo Middle Child just released their debut single/lyric video, “Burn Out.”

From The Record Crate: Humble Pie – ‘Smokin’’ (1972)

One of the early so-called “supergroups” of the late ‘60s, Humble Pie, formed in 1969 and released Smokin’ in 1972—the band’s fifth studio album, as well as Humble Pie’s highest-charting album. Coming out of the starting gate in 1969, Humble…