Miami Screening Giveaway: Win tickets to One Direction’s Where We Are Concert Event!

  • Jennifer Pita

    I’m one directions biggest fan because I’ve been a fan of theirs ever since they were on the x factor. I have all three of their cds and have been to one of their concerts every year. I may not have the most merchandise or have been to the most concerts but I truly love the boys so much.

  • 1dloverrr

    I love 1d soso much theyre truly amazing

  • Valerie Perez

    I’m the biggest 1D fan because I have every single album, I’ve seen every concert, I support them in everything they do. Also they have helped me on a personal level, when I feel down, I listen to them so I can get into a happier place. I love them so much, and they’ve really made me proud with how far they have gotten with their career. No matter what happens in the future I will always love them, they’re like the 5 extra brothers that I never had. I will always support no matter what. And they’re just so silly, so it’s not hard to feel sad when I see them. I feel like to be a true it’s not only about how much merchandise you have of the band but how much time you spend supporting and helping the band get bigger and better.

  • John

    I’m their biggest fan because I have followed them since the X Factor days and I finally saw them in concert last night!

  • Judy Rosa

    My girls love one direction!!!

  • Carolina Perez

    My daughter is the biggest 1D fan she has been following all their development since they first audition on the Xfactor, has attended all their concert, has all their music, follows them on all social media, she went to sunday’s concert at Sun life Stadium.