The Strain Season One DVD Giveaway

  • Will Griesmer

    Because I havent seen any of the episodes yet.

  • HDGK

    My mom loves sci-fi shows, and this would be a great gift for her.

  • Austin Baroudi

    I’ve never even heard of the show but after looking it up I’d love to see it!

  • Sandra Vaughan

    Because I love most FX shows-Rescue Me, Sons of Anarchy, Justified, etc. and I really love the horror genre so this combines two of my faves. My coworker swears this show is amazing and she has good taste so I believe her and would love to watch the first season so I can catch up with her.

  • Daniel M

    i missed a lot of the season and would like to catch up

  • off2europe

    Love to have this. Never seen it and looks exciting

  • bill norris

    loved it on tv and would like it for my collection.

  • Ronald Oliver

    It’s a great show, but I’ve missed a lot of the episodes, so I’d love to get caught up!

  • karin56381

    I have never seen it— and would like to.

  • Bernie Wallace

    I would like the strain on dvd to rewatch it with my wife.