Miami Screening Giveaway: UNFRIENDED at AMC Sunset Place on 04/15!

  • Stephaño Singh

    This looks like an awesome suspense thriller

  • Marcia Collado

    There are so many actors I’d like to be friends with, but I’d really LOVE to be friends in real life with Robert Downey, Jr.! We share the same wit & sarcasm & c’mon, he just looks like a blast! Plus, he’s not hard on the eyes either ;)

  • Jessica Farfan


  • Andrew Persaud

    Looks Like a Good Movie and maybe something that can happen in real life.

  • Rafa

    Sean Penn

  • Yanick del pino

    In real life I would want to be friends with a comedian someone like Kevin heart or James Franco :). I could just sit back and lmao.

  • Erick Lorinc

    I’d want to be friends with Christine McVie

  • Veronica Rios

    Michelle Rodriguez! She is one amazing chic!

  • Barbara Nobrega

    Angelina Jolie, she is an amazing, inspiring, intelligent , and talented woman.

  • Khikita

    I would love to be friends with Nicki Minaj!!!

  • Mayara Olivares

    I would love to meet Niall Horan from One direction <3

  • Betsy Salazar

    definitely Al Pacino, he seems really cool

  • Kimberly Aguilar

    I would have wished to meet Paul Walker he seemed like such a down to earth person even with all the fortune he had

  • david

    i would like to meet dewey from malcolm in the middle

  • Haydee Velazquez

    I saw Will Smith from a distance in the screening of Focus but it would of been nice to meet him in person. He looks like a humble person :)

  • Andres B.

    I’d be friends (or probably more than that) with Emma Stone because she’s beautiful, funny, down to earth, and seems like most fun girl you’ll ever meet, seems like the type of girl that would be down for whatever.

  • MaryHector092008

    I would love to be friends with Jensen Ackles from Super Natural he’s personality is just so natural and over the extreme Funny . He just has it all looks , personality facial expressions. I would definitly be friends with him drink beer in he’s $7Million home , Play pool & stroll around the block in hes 1967 Chevy Impala .

  • alba

    i would be friends with jennifer lawrence