One Year Later: Metal Gear Solid V

  • Matc123

    Good track of the events that occurred but you focused on kojima and not any other employees. For instance, there were rumours largely spread by super bunnyhop of the bad treatment of all employees. Furthermore, there were small details like konami adding in microtransactions after launch which was hugely criticised by fans and media like the mother base insurance. Lastly, ground zeros wasn’t “full price” it was slightly above half price which was then reduced to half (£24) after backlash from fans.

  • Cardboard Jase

    Wow, Evan. Your timeline is all out of whack. Fans did not create backlash to Ground Zeroes’ length when the game was announced. This occurred around the time of release, just when the first reviews came out – how else would we know how short it would be? That was when we learned it would be beatable in 10 minutes – 2 hours. Same with Mission 51. We only knew about this when collector’s edition copies of TPP started shipping and conversation was started by those who had received their copies days before release. MGO did not officially launch in January, it had already released on home consoles in October 2015, it was only the Steam version which was delayed until January 2016.