5 Female Directors Better Than Mel Gibson for Suicide Squad 2

  • Charl Eton


    • Jon Lennon Espino

      I know, these picks are so great they have you gagging. Natural reaction.

      • Charl Eton

        No problem with the women directors.

  • bromes1235

    Mel Gibson is such a great director that I frankly don’t care whether or not he’s a bad guy.

    And deep down, you don’t either…

    • Jon Espino

      Actually Brian, deep down, I actually care more. I don’t deal in celebrity accusations, but when your hate is so well documented and spans so wide, it’s hard not to see one without the other.

    • Allyson Johnson

      Sure, that’s why he wrote an article about it.

      Because he doesn’t care.

      • bromes1235

        It’s disingenuous… You complain about suicide squad being trash (which it was, no argument there)…

        Then when Warner brothers makes a push for one of the greatest filmmakers of my lifetime to do the sequel you complain because he’s not a nice guy.

        Either you want the movie to be good, or you don’t…