Movie Review: ‘The Diary of a Teenage Girl’

  • wspackman

    “He sparks her sexual awakening.” Bullshit! Josh, either you’ve entirely missed the point of the movie, or perhaps you’re just blatantly attempting to rescript the message or you’re under duress as an under 20 writer on a youth-oriented website. To set the record straight; this movie is about recognizing the validity of teenage girls rights to sexual agency. To attribute her sexual awakening to “him” is the most egregious, anti-feminist misconstruction you could possibly commit. Bo Powley says it best herself. In speaking with another reporter, she says, “What we’re trying to prove with this film is that society is scared of teenage girls having sex. It’s a bit of vicious cycle: we’re scared of it so we don’t talk about it and we don’t talk about it because we’re scared of it. I really want young women to see this movie and see a normal un-Hollywoodized body on screen and also have sexual thoughts and sexual feelings for them normalized so they don’t feel like freaks when they feel like they want to have sex.”

    • Josh Cabrita

      1. My age is irrelevant.

      2. Read about the intentional fallacy before you try to attribute intent to my writing.

      3. Minnie loses her virginity to Monroe, and it’s through her enchantment and fantasy with him that she has her “sexual awakening”. If you’ve seen the film, you would know that’s undeniable. The “feminist” message comes through Minnie’s arc as she learns to realize that it’s important for her to love herself (including her “un-Hollywoodized body) and not need anyone else or anything to be happy.

      • wspackman

        Your age is the first thing noted in your biography above. You made it an element of your work, not me. I am not commenting on what I think you meant. I am referring to what you said. The sentence “he sparks her sexual awakening” places Monroe as the subject and Minnie as the object. That’s the essence of a patriarchal inscription of a young woman’s sexual agency. Your characterization of the plot of the film clearly conflicts with everything the author, the director, and the cast have said about the story and their intent. For an enlightened review of the work I suggest your readers turn to Eliza Berman’s review in today’s online edition of Time.

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  • Joe

    This movie is about legitimizing pedophilia. The Cultural Marxists have a new frontier since homosexuality has been mainstreamed. One more step in the destruction of the nuclear family. S&M, furries etc.

  • nitoemah

    To sum up the movie: hey, we’re completely immoral and have no redeeming qualities. Let’s celebrate ir!