Movie Review: ‘The Visit’

  • spburke

    I’d be on board with your interpretation if I thought for a second that Shyamalan had the capacity for self-awareness or self-deprecation. Anything funny he’s done has never been on purpose.

    • Facebook User

      I think there is some humor in Signs, but you’re right, recently all the laughs have been unintentional. I’m curious to see how other critics react to the film. Thanks for reading!

    • Facebook User

      I think there is some humor in Signs, but you’re right, recently all the laughs have been unintentional. I’m curious to see how other critics react to the film. Thanks for reading!

    • iswantingcake

      Shyamalan confirmed that this was at least partially a comedy.

  • CS

    Please consider removing the bit about the fridge. It is a major spoiler and if I hadn’t already seen the film, would be extremely disappointed having read it. At least provide a spoiler warning early on.

  • TJ

    remove the fridge spoiler

    • TJ

      It’s unprofessional.

      • Facebook User

        It’s not unprofessional; it’s analytical. I’m backing up my claim that Shyamalan seems to be parodying himself. Earlier in the film, the kid talks about how he thinks his dad left his mom because he didn’t tackle a kid at a football game – it’s serious. In the fridge scene, he tackles someone just like he was supposed to during the football game. A serious moment is given a very sill payoff.

        • Will Zogg

          Hm, yeah, please at least warn of spoilers.

        • CM

          The fact that you have a reason to spoil a crucial moment in the film doesn’t justify doing it? At the very least, announce that a major spoiler is coming.. at the most, take it away and make your point without having to go into specific details, be creative, not lazy and disrespectful. The films not even out yet. Have some professionalism. Does it bother you at all that the biggest response to your review is an annoyance at the spoiler instead of an insightful discussion? Make us laugh with you, not at you.

        • Mr.Sixes

          Change context to be more vauge

        • jstones

          So you decided to add more info to your original spoiler in order to make your point that it wasn’t a spoiler? Professional? Mkay.

  • A

    No professional film critic would include any type of spoiler in their review. I was looking forward to this movie and now I know something major about the end. Please remove that part so you don’t ruin it for anyone else! I will not be reading any more movie reviews that you write as I feel I cannot trust you or your opinion now.

    • Facebook User

      Was Ebert, the biggest influence on modern film criticism, a professional? Look at paragraph six. http://www.rogerebert.com/reviews/x-men-first-class-2011

      • A

        I think you are underestimating the significance of your spoiler. It doesn’t just reveal a particular event- but suggests pretty clearly the final outcome of the film. In terms of who lives, who dies, and even HOW EXTREME circumstances get. I’m not sure I know the exact paragraph you are pointing towards in Eberts review, but if its the one regarding the Cuban Missile Crisis I’m pretty sure that stuff was in the trailer- and even if it wasn’t, he doesn’t reveal what side of the struggle emerges on top. You clearly do.

    • When I got to the part where the writer wrote “(Note: the next paragraph has a spoiler.)”, I skipped said paragraph and continued reading. Nothing has been spoiled.

      I agree, someone who calls themselves a movie critic/reviewer should not need to include any type of spoiler, but they did mention it, so technically it is your fault for continuing after being told the next paragraph contained a spoiler.

  • BonBon

    Didn’t know the spoiler was THAT big of a spoiler! Eek. Wish I didn’t read that part!

    • Facebook User

      Believe me, it’s not as big of a spoiler as some people are making it out to be.

  • So it’s funny…but is it scary???

    • Facebook User

      I don’t think it’s trying to be “scary,” so the simple answer is no.

      • Then this movie will flop. It’s being heavily advertised as a scary movie

        • Facebook User

          The marketing is all wrong. Even the trailer looks like it’s been color corrected to look darker than the actual film.

  • Adam Gilson

    It’s pretty ridiculous seeing some of the comments on here deriding the author for being unprofessional for including a spoiler that was preceeded with a “spoiler alert.”

    Guess what? I read that, decided to skip the spoiler, and am feeling pretty good. Who knew life could be so easy?

    • Kenny

      He didn’t have the spoiler alert warning on there until people complained after reading it.

  • me

    Without giving away any plot spoilers, can you tell me the extent of the nudity?

    • Facebook User

      There are a couple humorous shots involving the grandma’s butt. I know, it sounds juvenile, but it works decently well in context.

      • me

        Okay, thank you very much. Do you remember if that’s all it showed?

        • Facebook User

          Yes, that’s it, and there are only two instances.

          • me

            Great! Thanks so much for the info, and the review, looking forward to seeing it. So glad you told us it’s a comedy, I was really looking forward to scary. I think it would’ve been a let down, had I not known.

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  • Jeremy Alexander

    This is a comedy? And it gets high praise followed by a 6.5 score out of 10? I’m confused. And am I to understand that you have been reviewing movies for 19 years, or that you are 19 years old? There is a difference since nobody with any common sense would take any manner of advice from a 19 year old. Sorry, as they say, you will understand when you are older.

    • Allyson Johnson

      Maybe you shouldn’t on a website called TheYoungFolks then? Just a thought.

    • Facebook User

      Yes, the film is a comedy, and I did not give it high praise. What does my age have to do with any of the analysis in my review? If you want credentials, I’m a member of the Vancouver Film Critics Circle and the Vancouver International Film Festival hired me to help select Canadian short films for the festival. They listen to my opinion because it has nothing to do with my age but the actual content of what I’m saying. Sorry, maybe you will understand when you actually READ and UNDERSTAND the review.

  • Christy Neill

    I stopped reading after you placed 6th Sense above his masterwork Unbreakable. However it seems obvious you mean well. After his first 2 films, i thought we might have another Jonathan Glazer on our hands happily but everything fell away. I will simply b thrilled if he has even somewhat gotten back to creepy. Speaking of Glazer i recall a fellow genius, whose work his reminds me of…, who was dogged by continual claims that he couldn’t write characters, was too self important and was the actor’s worst enemy. but Stanley ended up doing pretty well i think.

    • Facebook User

      Personally, I prefer Unbreakable but in that section I was outlining the general reaction to his work. Thanks for reading and commenting respectfully!

      • Christy Neill

        Absolutely. I appreciate the effort :)