Movie Review: ‘Victoria’

  • John

    Although I’m loathe to give spoilers, it seems the reviewer has already given up the plot and I have to correct these statements, because the alleged plot holes seem to be a result of the reviewer not paying attention to the movie.

    “Why the four friends would get very drunk a few hours before performing a heist (or even how they managed to sober up so quickly) is left to our imagination by this relatively unimaginative film.”

    It’s clear from the film that they did not know at that point that they would be involved in a bank heist, and as far as sobering up, you must’ve missed the whole “snorting cocaine” part.

    “Because one of the annoying delinquents is too drunk to be the getaway driver, Victoria gets entwined as a willing participant in the crime.”

    Again, she became entwined as a “driver” at that point, but none of them knew the nature of the assignment.