‘Soaked In Bleach’ questions death of Kurt Cobain

  • Elizabeth parsons


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    Excellent article. Thank you.

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    Really good, gives you a lot to think about. What a

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      I agree.

  • Marissa Montez

    Really enjoyed the article. I have tried to find information as to how people believe the murder (Which I believe most certainly happened) took place. Can you point to articles where I can find such information. For instance, do people think he was shot and then injected with cocaine after? Why would a murder do both when it would have taken only one or the other to most certainly kill him. Do people think he was shot somewhere else and then moved to the greenhouse or did everything take place in the greenhouse? I would appreciate if you could post a link to information on these theories.

    • Medea Giordano

      There are two books written about the topic. “Who Killed Kurt Cobain? The Mysterious Death of an Icon” and “Love and Death: The Murder of Kurt Cobain” both are written by Max Wallace and Ian Halperin. There is also a website called cobaincase.com where the PI Tom Grant basically just lays out everything that he said in the film.

  • Lyz

    Lol, this is all rubbish. Courtney sold all her rights to Nirvana music and felt it was time to move on, and use the money she makes off of HER stuff. Of course Courtney was probably the only one who knew he was suicidal bc I’m sure he expressed it to her and wanted to hide it from the world so he wouldn’t get submitted in a mental home. Rubbish assumptions for foolish people to believe

    • againstcorporaterule

      Enough of your worthless speculations on how “suicidal” he was! Just watch Soaked in Bleach first, and then get back to us. (Did you not even read the article?)

    • BlueSummerCobain

      Rubbish assumptions? From respected forensic pathologists who are prepared to speak on camera giving out their names? Rubbish audio tapes taken from actual conversations between Ms Love and a private investigator with an impeccable record? Rubbish conclusions from professional document examiners who state there are differences in handwriting in the suicide note? Rubbish conclusions of the lawyer for both Courtney and Kurt who knew the two intimately and felt something was amiss?
      Go watch the movie, Lyz, before you just “rubbish” something you know nothing about. It’s easy to be fooled by someone cunning enough to set this “suicide” up, and no- one has said that Kurt’s death doesn’t LOOK like a suicide! But the reality is that the facts of the case don’t support the suicide. Not one little bit.

  • againstcorporaterule

    Someone was trying to use his credit card during the “3 days” his body laid dead, the last credit card attempt occurring the very day his body was finally discovered. (Just in the past year that credit card turned up and was auctioned off as “rock memorabilia” -as celebrated by Rolling Stone magazine and SPIN)

    For more information on the attempted uses of his credit card, you can check the Unsolved Mysteries episode on his death -the last 10 minutes of it. It is interesting that all the rest of the media still refuses to mention it.

  • Elizabeth parsons

    WHy doesnt anyone notice the carnival-level makeup job Courtney had on when stepping out of that Rome ambulance? Its so perverted to stand there and do red lipstick ect when you see your “beloved husband” dying in front of you– possibly with permanent brain damage. Rome- 1994-was HER ROOFIE JOB Cosby style. She roofied the f-ck out of him to stop him from divorcing her and going public with his feelings for her. Its rumored that he woke up from his coma and told Courtney “Get F-cked”. I DONT understand how he thought he was safe to go home to a house shared with her. (then she calls 911 to paint him black to the police not once but twice in March– of course domestic violence BS) and then she claims hes suicidal to the cops in March a few weeks before she MAKES him leave this planet. Its sick Shes a kill or be killed perv. Total Cosby in womans body. But sadly her name was on their assets (as she states in Soaked in Bleach) because they probably bought everything together. I do not understand WHY he went back to Seattle with her. He could have had someone go to the house while he went to a hotel to be safe in order to check on the baby to make sure frances was safe while near that beastly woman. Why didnt he take Courtneys insanity seriously? He looked past her violent side or something. I think he was afraid of her embarrassing him even more in public, so he kept his mouth shut hoping she would return him the favor. He should have gone public with the divorce immediately and then admitted that he may have met a new woman (which is WHY this all happened). Notice how Kristen died also a few weeks later? I believe Kristen may have been pregnant– and Courtney found out by breaking into Kristens diary/ then had her creeptastic BFF Eric finish the killjobs. Courtney and Eric are nothing but alternative music’s version of Blades of Glory (Will Ferrel on Ice)l. Two lesbian Jim Morrison wannabees with really bad breath and skank fairy dust. YUCKKKK>

  • BlueSummerCobain

    Excellent article. The huge problem this case has had over the years is the misinformation that flows like a river out of media outlets, fueled initially by the one person who stands to lose most from the truth reaching the world. The facts can be backed up by the audio tapes, and the forensic evidence, and kudos to Mr Grant for his professional ethics and high standards. Such a sloppy job by the Seattle Police Department, even ordinary folk can see the blunders they made quite easily! I hope the SPD swallow their pride and do what is right, reopen this and hand it over to independent authorities. The evidence of foul play is too obvious.