From the Record Crate: Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band – Night Moves (1976)

  • Just My Opinion

    This is crap. That’s the best way I can put it. Uninformed crap from a 22 year old who hasn’t lived long enough to understand and appreciate Bob Seger.
    As someone who was there in the beginning, as someone who watched Seger go from local ( playing Aquinas H.S.) to regional status, to hitting the big time, I can say his work only improved. In the early days Bob often gave uneven poor performances with his bands, The Last Herd, and The Seger System, He just wasn’t good live in those days. It wasn’t until he formed The Silver Bullet Band did he become such a great live act. The songs he has taken the time to disparage are all rock standards.

    It doesn’t matter, I’m probably the only person who read it anyway.

    • postimo

      Yeah you’re absolutely correct.

    • bluzrider

      Nope, I read it also, and I agree with you. How does a snot nose kid get the idea, that he has any insight about who Bob Seger is?

      • Just My Opinion

        You have to cut him some slack, probably his first writing gig and he’s trying to rile up the older Seger fans. The fact of the matter and real music critics will agree, Seger’s work got better and better as he matured. Although I love his very early stuff ( “Lucifer” is my favorite) it was rough and not on par with his later music.
        That said, I’m grateful Bob is still around and putting on fantastic shows.

    • Hi guys, I’m Ryan Gibbs, the music editor for The Young Folks.

      You’re going a bit too far in here with dismissing Matt exclusively for his age. I don’t understand why you think that disqualifies him from writing about this album, one he personally enjoys, no less. The Young Folks’ target demographic is teenagers and young adults, and the From the Record Crate series is intended to introduce records like “Night Moves” to that demographic.

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      • Just My Opinion

        My comment had more to do with the writers cynical view of Seger and “Night Moves”, than his age. There are many fine writers that are under 25. I also understand it’s a different world today and Seger’s nostalgic take on his younger years may not appeal to todays youth.
        This may be corny and will give our young writer a laugh, but I’m going to quote one of Bob’s early songs, “Back in 72”.
        “…it was so hip to be negative, so square to try and believe….”

        Keep on writing Matt, and F what anyone says.

      • Just My Opinion

        I didn’t realize this was teen age driven. I won’t comment and will never read anything on this site again.