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Album Review: Deep Purple -“Infinite”

  • Weirwolfe

    Sorry bruz but your review is a load of old tosh. This album is a great listen for any Deep Purple devotee. Easily one of their best.

  • Toto Diaz

    Absolute rubbish talk. I respect you as a man on this planet but certainly not as a music journalist. I would love to hear your album if you ever make one and also your success. It would never match the success of this glorious album let alone this band. Rubbish article. Wonderful album and it well sell very greatly around the world and be received well. 99 percent will love it and the one percent won’t. You! Are that one percent. Rubbish.
    Fantastic album. Fantastic!!!

  • Andrew Grandison

    I love this album. With respect, I am glad I don’t have either your taste or music sensibilities.

  • Carlton A. Morris R.

    Let me guess – D R Baker is a Zep or Sabbath fan a bit pissed DP is still rocking it strong. Great CD, can’t wait for the tour in the USA~!

  • Scott Ferguson

    Mate, do yourself a favour. Take this review down and go and listen to this album again. While you’re at it, listen to the album “machine head”. For a reviewer that states “there is more to this band than “smoke on the water”” you proceed to show us that “smoke on the water” and “uh, I have to review a deep purple album” is all you know about them. This cd is probably the best one since “perpendicular”. Also, just because you’re reviewing a website for “the young folks”, you don’t have to bring in their age, my son is 8 and plays guitar and piano, he can recognise how talented Steve Morse and Don Airey are. Age has nothing to do with how you hear music.

    • Victor Mikhailov

      +++++. Airey and Morse brought many new influences , so DP is not just straight hard rock band anymore. The song “Surprising” is particularly ….surprising. This spacey instrumental break sounds like taken from the middle section of Yes “Relayer”. I didn’t expect such music from Deep Purple.

      • Nard Schreurs

        What a bullshit review. If you don’t understand the music, don’t bother to write about it.

  • Saul Hamilton Evans

    Yawn. Agree on the lyrics – but then I don’t really care about the lyrics. If I want poetry I’ll won’t go looking for it on a rock album. The music on this album is top notch. Excellent album by an excellent band.

  • Victor Mikhailov

    Album is fantastic. Review is boring :-( Disagree with almost every point

  • otterman

    I’ve read 6 other reviews so far of “Infinite”. And listened to the album myself. All of the 6 have been good to very good reviews of which I would have to agree. The album didn’t grab me right away but on multiple listens I like it. I give it 7 out of 10. I give your review a 2. The only bad review so far of “Infinite” has been yours. You “Young Folks” should solely stick to your reviews of Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, and your Katy Perry releases. Leave the rock reviews of actual rock music for the big boys.

  • BobT6627

    You “young folks” are so cute…pretending to be all grown up. Adorable. Now, scoot back to your room and play with your Justin Bieber dolls, while the grownups listen to real music.

  • Peter Pardo

    Awful review…obviously you know nothing more than Smoke on the Water. Potential album of the year here.