Movie Review: ’13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi’

  • Eric Christen

    If one wants to see the emasculated face of the modern Democrat Party, this author fits the bill perfectly. His “fictional” account of what the movie gets wrong is what happens when facts and research-including interviews of survivors-aren’t allowed to get in the way of pre-conceived notions.

    • Nathanael Hood

      Wow. I’m legitimately impressed. This article barely goes up and already there’s a troll comment. Well done, sir.

      • Eric Christen

        Better believe you’re impressed.

        • Nathanael Hood

          Uh…that’s what I said? I’m confused.

          • Frasto

            That was my impression too. You sound confused.

  • leobinus

    Editors’ notes:

    1. Marines say “Oorah,” not soldiers.

    2. You meant to type “per se,” not “per say.”

    The bit about spatial confusion was fair, but it’s possible that Bay wanted viewers to have a sense of disorientation.

    • Nathanael Hood

      Thanks for the comment! I’ll tell my editor about points 1 and 2.

      There are better ways to share a sense of disorientation than via insane quick-cutting and shaky cam. Check the nighttime bridge battle sequence in APOCALYPSE NOW to see what I mean.

      • Frasto

        I just saw the movie. It had typical action movie cuts. It was actually quite exciting. Sorry you found it insane.

        • Eric Christen

          Just saw it last night too. Place was packed. It was an amazing film. You’d have to have a political or anti-military bias to not like this flick. That explains many of the reviews who come from primarily liberal writers with no contact with this world.

          • Ex Merrill

            Dying at box office. Nice try.

          • Poster

            From Yahoo today — I don’t think this is “dying”.
            “Paramount’s “13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi” flirted with political controversy, drawing a rebuke from a CIA spokesman, will pulling off a solid $16 million opening over the three days. The $50 million production will do an estimated $19 million over the holiday. It screened at 2,389 locations. The 2012 attack on the American diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya resulted in the killing of U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens. Critics in the Republican Party have faulted the Obama administration for its response to the attack and for not being forthcoming about warnings it received that the compound might have been in danger.”

  • Welder69

    The stand down command is no hoax or lie. Multiple people don’t say that for no reason. Simply put our government lied to us. (Has many times before) I trust the people on the ground in the actual fight, more than I do Hilary and Obama.

  • Tiffany is hotter than Ivanka

    A political review – the lefty author doesn’t like the film’s message.

    Liberal journalists, desperate to protect Clinton, will shun any film which fails to be a hagiography of the former secretary of state

  • JoeDay1

    I guess portraying US servicemembers as decent human beings is just too jingoist and “hyper masculine” (whatever the f that is) for the jack a$$ who wrote this piece. If only they totally just made up a story about these guys slaughtering north Africans willy nilly and going back to the compound to gang rape a contractor, I guess this author would find the movie more “realistic” (i.e., twisted to fit his world view). What a load of manure this review is.

  • Ex Merrill

    Poor li’l ackshun flick flops.

  • Q22

    The film obviously offends his politics. The giveaways are the references to the Tea Party and Donald Trump – neither had anything to do with the making of the film.

  • JohnJ

    Sounds good, can’t really see what this pompous long winded person is on about. From what I heard the ‘stand down order’ was very real and now the CIA is denying it – well duhhhh.
    So I must see it.
    I look forward to the day the Jihadis march into Nat’s office and explain how films are harram, Now that would be a good review.