TV Review: Rectify (3×06) – “The Source”

  • nomilubin

    Hi, great piece. Only thing I’d say is that I think, at least on the surface, the dream is actually Tawney’s, not Daniel’s. It ends with a shot of her waking. But it seems there is a kind of psychic connection between them, making the dream almost as though it is shared. Wonderful scene…

    • Markus Krassnitzer

      Good observation. But I tried to see it the other way around. It was Daniel’s dream and Tawney felt it because of their connection.

      • nomilubin

        Hm, maybe. But then the dream is really not a dream at all, as Daniel is not asleep. Of course, the show’s had other sequences that cannot be neatly described as dream, fantasy, or even real or imagined.

        Maybe McKinnon conceived of the scene outside of known phenomena, making the question “whose dream was it,” simplistic, or just the wrong question.