TV Review: ‘Animal Kingdom’ (1×5) “Flesh is Weak”

  • Owen Schmidt

    Umm, Paul’s wife and Det. Sandra Yates are two different characters and actresses (check IMDB). I guess two black women in the same episode confused you.

    • Katey Stoetzel

      IMDB didn’t have Paul’s wife listed under the cast list (at least on the phone app. I’ve had other problems with IMDB lately not giving me all the information about a show) Believe me, I checked multiple times. And thanks for that last implication there, friend. The way the show introduced both of the characters is what confused me. The show revealed Detective Yates in a way that made it seem we were supposed to know who she was already, and having her be Paul’s wife made a lot of sense to me. I apologize for the confusion, but that’s all.