TV Review: Dark Matter (2×11) “Wish I’d Spaced You When I Had the Chance”

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  • Fiery Little One

    I loved the pranks. Seeing them with some down time was an interesting change of pace. I’m not going to underestimate Kierken after seeing him walk himself through what happened in the house. That… Scene… in the woods… I didn’t cry, but I did feel that tug. I’d say Six’s idea of acting as a police force on their own is… naive. Yes, they may have the blink drive, but they can’t be everywhere.

    • Leaf Miranda

      I was actually afraid that they were going to kill off Three. It would’ve been a bad move, but it definitely would’ve made people feel something. Yeah, I don’t think Six is looking at the bigger picture. Two has a better idea on how that sort of galaxy would go

      • Fiery Little One