TV Review: Dark Matter (2×12) “Sometime in Life You Don’t Get to Choose”

  • Fiery Little One

    It took me a while, but I realized Ryo was already Emperor in his own mind during the talk with Two that ended with him saying he doesn’t miss Portia. His decision… I saw it as pragmatic. He can’t take the chance that they would turn on him or get people with enough power to pose a threat to his position to try to overthrow him. Why he might not apply that logic to the Raza’s crew, I’m not sure. I just think we should all thank our lucky stars that he didn’t extend the order beyond the people it applied to.

    I’d say Hiro’s confrontation showed two things, one he already suspected, two as Emperor he was nothing more than a spineless puppet.

    • Leaf Miranda

      That’s a different way to look at Ryo. I can see what you’re getting at in terms of his way of thinking. Plus Ryo is sort of a mystery to the audience. We’ve seen pieces of him, but we never really got to sit down with who he is as a person.

      As for Hiro, yeah, he is spineless. Good thing he gave up the throne haha

      • Fiery Little One

        Well, that was my immediate thoughts on what was going through Ryo’s mind when he gave the order. Other places I visit for reviews, a lot of people were *very* unsure about what to make of it.

        As for Hiro… Yeah, if he didn’t step down it would have meant a civil war. Something Zairon can’t afford right now with the war with Pyr.