Album Review: The Beatles – “Live at the Hollywood Bowl”

  • Maccafan

    You’re review doesn’t even begin to describe how ABSOLUTELY HARD ROCKIN this fantastic album is!

    You’re totally selling this wonderful album short!

    People this album is AWESOME!

    You’ve never ever heard the Beatles rockin this hard!

    She’s A Woman is just bad to the bone, the Beatles are ON FIRE playing this song! Many of the fast songs the Beatles do are covers, but this is an absolutely smoking performance of one of their originals! McCartney showing he’s one of rocks ultimate singers!

    There’s absolutely nothing weak about Dizzy Miss Lizzy it’s Heavy Metal in 1965! When Lennon screams the Beatles go into even harder rock mode! The guitar assault is amazing for 65! Lennon also shows that he’s one of rocks ultimate singers!

    Look this album just rocks, it’s a no BS, take no prisoners hard rockin live album from the Beatles!

    The whole album is just a dream come true!

    It’s without a doubt, one of the best releases of the year, in fact it should be #1!