TV Review: Supernatural 12×01 “Keep Calm and Carry On”

  • SnazzyO

    Great review. I agree with your comments, especially regarding the Brits.

    LOVED the Dean and Mary reunion. Sam Smith was outstanding as Mary. The regulars always bring an excellent “A” game and this outing was no exception.

    • Katey Stoetzel

      Thank you! Dean and Mary’s reunion was really emotional and I loved it as well. Supernatural’s longevity is the only reason Mary can come back and it not feel contrived in any way, but I’m super glad we’ve got her.

  • SarahJay55

    Agree with every word, SnazzyO!
    The moment Mary realised Dean was telling her the truth, and she reached out to touch, and then hug him, I sobbed. 4 minutes into the new season! And then the moment she honestly told him she wasn’t OK? Just that simple, quiet “no”. Whew… Sam absolutely knocked it out of the park in this ep.
    I’m not bought into the British MoL yet, because I really don’t understand their motives or objectives. But it took me a long time to enjoy Amara last season, so I am willing to be patient… I love the show too much not to!

  • Anon7345

    If the British Men of Letters are so all knowing of Sam and Dean, then why wouldn’t they have just approached them as allies being Men of Letters from across the ocean in the same line of business. They would have had a significantly easier time of getting the information they wanted without the need for torture. Of course, there’s more likely more to her story than they’ve revealed to the viewer for now and they’ve got ulterior motives that will be exposed in time.

    • Katey Stoetzel

      Good point. That lady who gets killed by Mary was especially brutal. Whatever else is going on with Lady Antonia, because there definitely is I agree with you, it’s got to do with her son.