TV Review: Agents of SHIELD 4×04 and 4×05

  • Voice of Reason

    Hey Grant, Good recap(s).

    I just wanted to point out one thing to you. The shield in Coulson’s hand was actually used once before in Season 3 in the episode The Singularity. It was the episode where Coulson and May travel to J.T. James’ (Hellfire’s) trailer (after Lincoln and Daisy had already been there). The trailer had been rigged by Hive with a bomb which blew up as May and Coulson were searching the trailer. Coulson used the shield to protect himself and May from the blast.


  • superkoosable

    The shield wasn’t new. He already had it in S3.
    I’m really not excited to see GR and Mack go back and forth in the field. I want him to interact with everybody else.