TV Review: Lucifer – “Et Tu, Doctor?”

  • 123Geoff

    This was another great show. The intrigue is building. With Lucifer cutting ties to Maze a question arises. Maze as I understand her, is a fallen angel, i.e. a demon. As such, she also has wings. If Maze wishes to go back “home” so badly why does she not just spread her wings and do so? Apparently, she made a vow to protect Lucifer but now that Lucifer has released her, it would seem logical for her to leave him in the mortal world. Additionally, we find another situation where Lucifer seems to get into trouble with the possibility of being injured. However, perhaps only those to whom he has given unspoken permission, i.e. Chloe and apparently his brother have been able to hurt Lucifer. My thinking is that he is not really mortal or becoming mortal rather he demonstrates selective mortality to certain individuals so as to explore the mortal state of being. Still for a being that has cosmic levels of power, being able to call down the incinerating power of super nova stars, I find it quite odd that we have not seen a plausible universe shattering reason for his exploration of the mortal realm. This part of the story has never really rung true for me and I am still waiting for this development.