Slamdance ’17 Movie Review: Dave Made a Maze

  • Unyawns

    It belongs along side Time Bandits and Evil Dead II, you can’t wait to see it in theaters and its sure to be a cult classic = 7/10? Ouch! Since you have never given a 10 at what point on your scale should people spend money to see a movie?

    • Nathanael Hood

      6 or 7 depending on whether or not the movie sounds interesting to them. For the record, 7 is a very good score in my book. As for 10s, I usually only give them out to 1-3 films a year. I’m very picky with those. The last film I gave one to was MAD MAX: FURY ROAD.

  • Greg

    So, although the trailer has a Pee-Wee’s Playhouse feel to it, I’m guessing it’s not necessarily family friendly. Is it?