TV Review: AMC’s The Walking Dead 6×16, “Last Day On Earth”

  • Tiffany

    I definitely had the same “If Daryl hadn’t wasted the second RPG on setting a lake on fire…” three time over during the Savior encounters.

    Additionally, for everything the group has encountered how did they not see the walker gate in this sunken road as a trap? That being the third savior encounter REALLY took me out of it for a bit.

    • Chris Nystrom

      Agreed. Dumb.

  • Jeff Scott

    OK, I had some huge problems with the finale, but I had no problem with the way the Saviors operated. Rick’s attack was a surprise attack. Many Saviors were killed, but what we discovered here is that they are a WAY bigger group with WAY more/better resources. The car Carol lit up was probably one of many convoys preparing the blockades. It was all about Negan intimidating Rick’s group, they had an intricate and comprehensive plan that they may have been working on for days. Why go to the trouble? Because Rick’s group obviously has outstanding survival skills and could bring in an unusually large bounty and quality of resources. The Saviors scouted and prepared and got their man. I have some hard feelings about the titty twister of a finale, but to me, seeing the Saviors operate was actually a high point.

  • Mike Wort

    The plot lines and Rick’s group are being dumbed down. Or just a reflection of lazy writers now ? Carol’s Rambo-style rescue at Terminus and now she’s a suicidal basket case ? c’mon! Rick’s countless encounters with bad guys and then he makes the snap decision to go after Negan’s group without proper planning ? He could’ve consulted with Hilltop or scouted out the group better to ascertain their strength. Kinda warfare 101, get to know thy enemy. The governor was a known quantity, but after previous encounters with psychopaths, we’re led to believe Rick’s become mushy over one pregnant lady and risking the whole group ? Driving around in a camper that their enemy could blow with 1 RPG ? C’mon!!

    Some viewers are not on drugs while watching TWD. Have some respect for the thinking alert audience.