TV Review: Gotham 2×09 ‘A Bitter Pill to Swallow’

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    I was definitely engaged in all things Gordon and kudos to Ben McKenzie for bringing the action and the drama/emotion in equal measure. That’s a full order to have that kind of presence and what a difference without being dragged down by the procedural and limiting writing from last year.

    I wished for more background and story from Gordon to go with Barnes’, but I guess it was a singular focus to make a specific point. I hope that Gordon’s moment will come since he’s the main character and anything about his past is broad and sketchy and too vague.

    Great performances to go along with the intensity. The B-plot with Nygma and Penguin was entertaining and furthered that story.

    I never can get interested, never mind engaged in anything Wayne-related, so that was just a distraction.

    I agree that it was another strong, powerful and entertaining ride and the action sequences were excellent to go with the developing story of the main character(s). It wasn’t gratuitous, but even had some dark humor and sarcasm to it in measured doses, from the elevator setting the tone to the final battle with Gordon and Flamingo. I’d watch it again.