TV Review: Lucifer – “St.Lucifer”

  • 123Geoff


    Yes… It is now revealed that it is Chloe that makes him vulnerable. He was able to cut his hand when he was with her. So it appears that subconsciously he has given permission that he be vulnerable either when she tried to injure him or when he is in her presence injuring himself. This concept is what I thought all along that someone he had not given subconscious permission would not be able to harm him. Great Show!!

    The concept that angels are not allowed to harm humans is new to the show. Apparently, demons and Lucifer are able to do so. That concept regarding angels does does not align itself with biblical reference. In the poem, The Destruction of Sennacherib by Lord Byron, based 2 Kings 18–19, the “angel of death” killed 185,000 Assyrians. So the show may be making a departure from generally understood biblical concepts. Of course from a general biblical understanding the concept that Angels do not injure humans is more or less the norm. In any event, I am enjoying this show very much!! Maze and Amenadiel need to be made a greater part of the show. Both are great actors and they keep the show centered in the backdrop of the immortal realm. Only two shows left … but a second season is coming up!!