TV Review: The Comedians (1×01) “Pilot”

  • winomaster

    by professional reviewer Melissa Camacho

    “There is one moment where I really loved what The Comedians was doing.” (Only one?)

    “The best parts of the episode were whenever the two actors got along, and their charm shone through, highlighting why the two of them are well-known in the first
    place. My guess is as the season moves along, they’ll begin to like each other
    more or at least tolerate each other’s ideas. If that’s the case, I’ll immediately be more prone to enjoying the show.” (Yeah, lets hope someone slaps some sense into these guys.)

    “…There needs to be more to the show than two people bickering.” (You would think someone would have figured this out before they had a bunch of this mess in the can.)

    “Stephanie Weir is already posed to steal the show though as the harried producer, bringing a bizarre and manic energy to her role as Kristen. I’d like to see more of her and less of the two leads as the show moves forward.” (How sad, a reviewer so desperate to find something positive to say that that she is praising the supporting cast. Quick, name one smash series that made it on the strength of a supporting player. I couldn’t think of one either.”)

    “Despite not being completely sold on the show, I am curious about how they will sustain this idea for an entire season (or longer I’d assume)”

    Amen sister, Amen

    “…just enough laughs that I wouldn’t count this
    one out yet.”