TV Show Review: ABC’s “Revenge,” starring Emily VanCamp

  • rick

    Totally disagree with your review. I hate soaps, but loved this show. The actress who plays Victoria is damn good. One episode. im hooked

    • nancy

      agree best show….. didn't miss even one episode

    • Lynette Espinal

      Who ever wrote this most be taking some crack….. i love the story everything and let me tell you it woould be worth your time. this is my favorite show i believe the best one out there. this show would make your go a lil crzy wanted more. and i do feel tht she makes the perfecct fit. I guess you didnt get to finish the show cuz guess what it made it to season 2. I will never get tired of watching this show its mind blowing. You would be so attach to it its crazy to good i jus cant wait for season 2… everybody need to watch this show would change your mind about family trust money friends and REVENGE

  • mary collins

    i had to laugh at those stupid accents i could hardly understand . sounded english no one had a new york accent and that was new york

  • mary collins

    did you not notice no one had a new york accent.

    • GabrielleAdelle

      You're right. I think they were speaking like how they thought rich people spoke. lol

  • Kassie

    Disagree with the review. This show is great and keeps one interested all the way through. And, VanCamp is a fine actress. Wake up on the wrong side of your bed, huh?

    • GabrielleAdelle

      Nope. I was just amazingly underwhelmed by VanCamp. We're all entitled to an opinion.

      • Someone

        But yours isn't a good one.

        • Well that is your *opinion* of my opinion. thanks for the comment!

    • Jenny

      This show is great. Really enjoying it.

  • I gave this show a shot, but I knew I would hate it, and I do! The usual Network crappy fare!

  • From what book, title and author, is the Series Revenge taken? Anyone knows? I would like to read the book instead of watching the show on TV

    • GabrielleAdelle

      It's not based off a book series. If anything, it may be slightly based off the classic "The Count of Monte Cristo." Otherwise it is its own original show.

  • What is the relation between the young blond guy and the girl star? Can't figure that out

    • GabrielleAdelle

      The blond guy worked for her father I think. I'm not sure. I only saw the pilot once and haven't continued watching the show.

  • Ric

    Each week I watch Revenge and love it. It reminds me of old "Dynasty" days and is done well. I find myself wanting more. And as a New Yorker I can tell you most of high society in The Hamptons are not born in NY nor use the typical New Yorker dialect. Too bad for those who stopped watching after this review, it couldn't have been more wrong. Just look at the ratings.

  • Dharma

    I totally disagree with you. I love this show and it has watching each week. Its certainly worth watching to see how it plays out. There are alot of lame shows the fall but Revenge to me is not in that catergory.

  • gary

    lets face facts how much revenge can you have . that said how long can this show last ? one season if your lucky. believe me this show is not long for this world its to confusing to watch. and emily is toooo cute .

  • Lynnie

    I'm not only watching the show, I'm watching each episode twice to see whether or not I missed something. Regarding the "no chemistry" between the major actors, when the characters are hiding major secrets from each other, it would be difficult to have chemistry. Everyone is holding back parts of themselves. No one is being totally truthful. I want to pull for Emily too, yet wreaking revenge on others is evil, so I can't like her 100%. There is no major character with whom I totally identify because the Hamptons is not my world, and I could not be part of the story. I don't trust any of the characters totally because I don't know the complete story on anyone. I think "Revenge" is exactly the way it's supposed to be! I'm fascinated and totally drawn into the plot and the characters. I don't have to like them to get into the story. GREAT series!

  • amy

    your review is terrible! loving Revenge!!!! its a great show.

  • DJ Amp

    Your review is right on point. Network mini-series just don't do it for me. Stick with shows on HBO, Showtime, AMC or FX!!!! Anyone who thinks this show is good has probably not watched Dexter, Breaking Bad, Homeland or Six Feet Under just to name a few really GOOD shows. These characters are just to phony and unbelievable. Go and watch the movie Count of Monte Cristo to see a good revenge story.

  • Anonymous

    I don't normally get engaged by anything I watch on tv, but this show has me hooked. I was totally prepared to hate it and stop watching half way through the initial episode, but to my surprise, I find the plot is intriguing and the acting is not half-bad. (I was an English major at a northeastern Ivy, so it takes a good plot to reel me in.) Certainly, other shows on tv and made-for-tv movies have far worse acting. I think Emily Van Camp is great, she is quite a decent actress, perfect for the part, higher quality than I am used to seeing on t.v. She could probably be very succesful on Broadway and even in major motion pictures. I feel about the same about Madeliene Stowe's acting. I am not surprised this show has won out over CSI and other shows for the Wed. 10 pm. slot. I hope to see this one last through at least one more season, but they will have to figure out something to keep the plot as engaging as it has been thus far.

  • Every one is wondering how it can continue for a second season,great show by way,i thought it was only 1 season,writers keep up the good work

  • netgirl64

    as an aussie I couldnt really care if the accents where correct for that part of america, but the story line has me absolutely hooked. A really great show!!!

  • Sr

    This show is amazing it's worth every minute. Best show on abc yet!!

  • Miss Starrgirl

    I guess the original review was hog wash. A large number of people are hooked and cannot bare the wait for the next episode. I am one of the hooked ones. I can't imagine where it will go and for how long, but I sure hope it keeps up the intrigue.

  • Anonymous

    The show is amazing.I disagree with a lot of the abovementioned arguments. I think that Emily is playing her role perfectly. Moreover, the plot is so intriguing with all of the secrets and mystery. I absolutely love it!

  • Petya

    The show is amazing.I disagree with a lot of the abovementioned arguments. I think that Emily is playing her role perfectly. Moreover, the plot is so intriguing with all of the secrets and mystery. I absolutely love it!

  • Erika

    This is a really stupid show. The plot stinks, the actors suck. The whole thing doesnt make any sense.

  • Ad

    Can't stand the lead actress, she's always so flat. Not gonna watch.

  • cory

    i love the show ,i bought the dvd watchinh it continuosly got me hooked

  • Valerie

    Respectfully disagree with Gabrielle’s review. Everyone I know LOVES this show!  Emily Van Camp is brilliant and along with Madeline Stowe  are some of the BEST actresses I have seen…And each of the cast members have been selected perfectly for their roles.  It is one of the BEST shows of all times….we eagerly await each new episode and want to see more as the hour draws to a close. 

  • This is the worst show on TV, I cant believe its been renewed. The main character "Emily" only has one expression, well maybe 1 1/2. The whole show is a mess with the plots that make no sense at all, while "Emily" stares at something or someone. She is good at staring, I'll give her that.

    • Guest

      I have to say each to their own, I for one think this show is brilliant, the world wouldn't be much fun if we all only liked the same things would it!

  • loveit

    I bet you feel a little stupid now dont ya?

  • Jenniann_77

    I love this serious! And by the way she seems flat because she is used to hiding her emotions and not lettin people in! She comes out of that sjell in the season finale in which she is amazing

  • dani

    give it a chance!!

  • Kelly

    Completely agree with the review AND the comment about the lead actress having only one expression…. That doesn’t mean she’s mysterious. It means she can’t act. As for the show, it’s trying WAY to hard to be dramatic. I wish Revenge fans would go back to watching their daytime soap operas so something else could fill its slot…

  • jade

    Okay true there's some absolute truth to what you have just said. Before this show had began it actually ANNOYED ME from magazines, billboards, and buses, but i gave it a chance in the pilot. The pilot was okay but not at it's best. I don't agree that it's cheesier then pretty little liars given the fact that PPL is really bad. Emily van camp had scared me with her recent stares.. it just didn't make sense to why someone would think she was nice. I wouldn't put all the blame on her stares since she's forced to do it and is a good actress considering her roles in Everwood and Brothers and sisters. There were some exceptions like the plot though it does have it's flaws to it, but then again not every show has a perfect plot. Not every actor/actress was bad could have given Madeline Stowe some credit. There was no need for an nyc accent since it's set in the hamptons and they don't have nyc accents, but if you do want one the guy who plays Declan does and it kinda annoys me. If you watch the season finale then it might prove you wrong. what i'm trying to say is to give this show a chance. :)

  • Missy

    Totally hooked, Don't agree with the Bondi comment. Guessed proved you wrong! Show has lasted quite a while and will continue. Each part has me anciously awaiting the next. I think is just a wonderful piece of work. Was looking to see if this is based on some book cause would really love to read it. Just fabulous.

  • Revengeaholic

    This show is awesome, the acting isn't bad… the plot is interesting and I am hooked. ABC keeps this up and they keep me viewing!

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  • MissMaryJane

    I feel like I'm practically the only one who thinks Emily Vancamp is a terrible actress so I'm glad to read your review! I only just watched season 1 on Netflix. Everywhere people seem to talk about how she's so cold & calm & awesome but showing zero nuance doesn't make you a good actress. She's just bland & boring & stiff & there's no way I could ever buy her as a kick butt character who is also everyone's favorite gorgeous rich girl. I never root for her. If she were going about her revenge in a legal way she'd be more compelling. She's just so boring!