Video Game Review: ‘Star Wars: Battlefront’

  • Bebis

    What really sucks is that are no space battles! like it is in the name “STAR WARS”

  • Alan

    They should have got the guys who made Elite Squadron for the PSP to do this game. That was an awesome game that definitely needed a much larger venue. Arguably the best Battlefront game (although I haven’t played the new one yet, but from the sound of it, it doesn’t sound like much of a contest), it not only had space battles, but you would transition from the ground to space and back again trying to hold check points in both locations. It had an engaging storyline that followed two clones of a jedi from being in the clone trooper ranks to mastering the force with one headed to the light side and the other to the dark side. Not only that, it also retained a galactic conquest mode similar to Battlefront II that really ramped up the replayability.

  • j

    the game really sucks it is such a far cry from the originals. Dice really screwed it up by making it too much like Battlefield 4 game engine. In my opinion is save your money. there are better games out there.

  • Nathan

    This review doesn’t mention that the single player and co-op battles are completely set up for the player already, and that settings cannot be altered to make a more satisfying experience. I remember playing Star Wars Battlefront 1 & 2 and selecting from a (large) pool of maps and game types, where I could set the score limit and difficulty and the number of friendly bots, and where I could indulge in a plethora of offline game modes, like campaigns and strategy games. And then multiply all of that by two as most game modes and maps had the option of either the galactic civil war era or the clone war era.
    This game is lacking so much in the way of content that it is easy to get bored, a problem I never had with the first two games. I cannot possibly review this game in an objective light because, personally, the originals are the greatest games I’ve ever played. This new version shares only the title, but has otherwise no likeness whatsoever with the first two games in the series.

  • Dave

    Disney Kill Luscas Art thats why you will have shit game of stars wars