The CW’s Best Shows: Ranking the 2016-17 Season

Thanks to The CW’s deal with Netflix, the latest seasons for the network’s slate of shows are now streaming. Which leaves many with the question: Which should show should I catch up with first? And that launches a new series…

The CW’s Best Shows: Ranking the 2015-16 Season

The CW has morphed into – frankly – the best broadcast network. It’s almost easy to miss it when cable and streaming are having their big moment, but The CW’s current slate of shows are some of the most entertaining…

TV Review: Reign 3×12 “No Way Out”

Tensions between England and Scotland take some unexpected turns in “No Way Out”.

TV Review: Reign 3×11 “Succession”

Many of us are still eager to see what drama Mary, Elizabeth and Catherine have in store for the rest of season three. None of the three main monarchs of the show were in a great position by the end of “Succession”.

TV News: ‘Reign’ renewed for season 3

Despite having a somewhat lackluster season so far, it’s hard not to be a little excited that The CW has officially picked up Reign for a third season, despite flagging rating and a move to Friday nights.

TV Review: Reign 3×010 “Bruises That Lie”

In an even more intense (and higher quality) episode than last week, Reign goes out with a whole of excitement before the winter break.

TV Review: Reign 3×09 “Wedlock”

Well that was exciting. Sort of. “Wedlock” has to be the most action packed episode of Reign that we’ve seen in a good long while, which isn’t necessarily a good thing.