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Kellie Sheridan may as well live on the internet or in a library. She is a Young Adult author, spending her time writing and watching far too much Netflix near Toronto, Canada. You can find Kellie on Twitter (@Kellie_Sheridan) or contact her by email at

TV Review: Orphan Black 4×04 “From Instinct to Rational Control”

The Orphan Black world re-expands as season four continues with From Instinct to Rational Control.

TV Review: Reign 3×12 “No Way Out”

Tensions between England and Scotland take some unexpected turns in “No Way Out”.

TV Review: Orphan Black 4×03 “The Stigmata of Progress”

The Orphan Black world re-expands as season four continues with The Stigma of Progress

TV Review: Orphan Black 4×02 “Transgressive Border Crossing”

It’s time to reconnect with Sarah and her family in “Transgressive Border Crossing” because the bad guys are coming, and they’re coming right now.

TV Review: Orphan Black 4×01 “The Collapse of Nature”

It’s time to jump back into the all things clones and Orphan Black. Actually, it was time two weeks ago, but here we are. Let’s play some catch up! Today we dive into the premiere episode of season four, tomorrow…

TV Review: Reign 3×11 “Succession”

Many of us are still eager to see what drama Mary, Elizabeth and Catherine have in store for the rest of season three. None of the three main monarchs of the show were in a great position by the end of “Succession”.

Blog Tour: Demonic Pact by Majanka Verstraete

Demonic Pact, the second book in the Angel of Death series by Majanja Verstraete launched recently and there’s never been a better time to jump into this fantastic series.