‘Montana Story’ review : Haley Lu Richardson is quietly radiant in this classic western melodrama | TIFF 2021

Haley Lu Richard is superb in the family drama ‘Montana Story’ at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival.

‘The Hill Where Lionesses Roar’ review: A familiar yet effective tale from director Luàna Bajrami | TIFF 2021

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‘Shiva Baby’ review: A hilarious and heartfelt coming-of-age story

There’s an intense amount of anxiety that comes along with any type of large family function, from holidays to birthdays or even funerals—I myself tend to break out in hives. That heightened anxiety is caught with clarity and humor in…

76 Days Review: Devastating and Necessary | TIFF 2020

The start of 76 Days, the latest from documentary filmmaker Hao Wu along with Weixi Chen and their anonymous co-director, is something out of a horror movie. First it’s the haunting sobs of a medical worker, obscured completely by a…