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TV Review: The Ranch Part 3

The Ranch
  • I think it’s disgusting that Netflix continue to employ Masterson knowing full well of all the rape allegations against him!

    • Fizz

      Personally I commend them for it. It’s nice to see a company stand behind one of their representatives when they have not been convicted of said crime. Hence the word “allegations”. It’s all too common for people to burn others at the stake, as soon as the hear the word rape. Our system is based on innocent until proven guilty and it’s nice to see a company understand that premise.

    • Starjun

      You’re about as dumb as you look. Don’t believe everything you read, imbecile.

      • These are from police statements numb nuts.

        • Starjun

          They’re allegations. Nothing has come up since March. I think if there was any actual validity to these claims, something else would have come up, Cro-Magnon.

          • 3 seperate women made statements to the police that Masterson raped them (and more are coming forward). The case is still under investigation.

            The guy even called himself DJ Donkey Punch (previosly DJ Donkey Pizzle).

            Way to go defending this douchebag.

    • Allyson Johnson

      I would like to clarify to those responding to media_lush that there is no room for name calling or personal attacks in our comment section. If you need a refresher, please go here. //

    • Hubert Abel

      Was he found guilty at his trial?

      • case is ongoing – I’ve heard more woman have come forward… wouldn’t be surprised if the scientology coffers open up and pay the women for this to go away.