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The Flash 4×01 Review: “The Flash Reborn”

  • Leaf Miranda

    I feel like Barry came back wayyyy to quickly. I didn’t really feel the affect of him being gone from the city despite everyone mentioning it’s been 6 months. On top of that he already regained his mind. It made him going into the speed force feel useless. I also wanted this episode to start with, “My name is Wally West and I am the fastest man alive”

    • Mae Abdulbaki

      I don’t disagree that he did come back too quickly. At the same time, I don’t think it would’ve been good to keep him in there for a prolonged period of time, you know? This way, any ramifications can be dealt with moving forward. Continuity-wise, I was more ok with Iris bringing him back since that’s been shown before moreso than the psuedo-science part of it all. And I do hope Wally isn’t neglected this season. Here’s hoping he gets some good stuff.

  • Eddie

    I feel like there’s another shoe waiting to drop. Like Leaf says in the comments, Barry came back too quickly, and his mind snapped back into place at the mere mention of Iris being in trouble. Which, to me, might be a sign of how strong his love is for her, but I don’t know. The punchy rapport between Team Flash/Vibe/Kid Flash (how about Team StarLabs?) is always welcome, but there’s something hiding beneath the poppy veneer, and it’s not just Killer Frost lurking in the wings. Something is wrong with Barry, and I think we’re going to see it play out over at least during the first half of the season.