13 For 13: Recommendations For The Next Doctor

  • getreal5

    A female doctor will kill the show. In world history there has never been a female savior,ever. The master on the other hand was a fantastic choice in becoming a female. Missy needs into the show more often., look up “Briffaults Law” and you will see why a female doctor who would be a dismal failure to the public.Captain Jack would be fantastic in this role for a season or two, he could get into the story line as doctor who being split in one of his earlier generations, giving him many more regeneration’s. THAT’S ALL YOU GET FOR NOTHING :)

    • With regards to the claim about how there’s “never been a female savior”, what about Joan of Arc, Tirgatao, Harriet Tubman, Pingyang, Boudica, Esther (the Biblical version), Zenobia, or the Mirabal sisters (from the Dominican Republic)? There’s been plenty of amazing women throughout history, they’ve just been written out of the main narrative of popular culture.

    • I won’t go into refuting that claim about history, because anytime someone tells me to Google something, it likely means it wasn’t worth explaining.

      However, the beautiful thing about Doctor Who is that it is science fiction. It doesn’t need to be backwards-thinking in writing or casting. We have plenty of explanations for regenerations, and since Missy and the General have regenerated into women, Time Lords are clearly genderfluid.

      If that somehow doesn’t satisfy you, consider also that Time Lords are aliens and the very concept of gender need not ascribe the same to begin with. Or as the Eleventh put so well, “Never tell me the rules!”