Emerald City 1×08 – “Lions in Winter”

  • fturla

    Emerald City was intriguing at the onset. But the noir feel of the show and the lack of empathy the viewing public has to any participants in the show doesn’t give me much hope that anyone will care as to what the actual plot is or what will happen to the characters. Where did the show lose me? Several spots actually. When Dorothy attempted to hang witch North (Glinda), I no longer cared about her. When Roan (Lucas) started killing those soldiers in Emerald City, I new he wasn’t the hero for me. When the little witch turned the old king into stone then stopped following Dorothy, I stopped caring about her. Witch West seems to change allegiances from one scene to another without much reason presented to the viewers. How can you care about someone that seems emotional but you can’t fathom where or why the intensity came about? I can go on and on about the antagonistic behavior and malevolence in each character. This story is dark and I don’t see much light in the end regardless of who triumphs.