Bad Girls Club: The rise of the female anti-hero

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  • Susan Jane Allen

    I love Piper! Schilling does a masterful job creating the most flawed female character EVER on the small screen (or the big screen for all it matters). How can someone not LOVE this character?????? Piper is not only flawed but she is perhaps the most fleshed out complex female character to have graced the screen. Schilling deserves so much more praise than she has ever gotten because she not only OWNS this role and has created Piper Chapman NOT in her own image….something few actors can achieve. BRAVO Taylor Schilling.

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  • Timber56

    Piper is insufferable, and not in any way because she’s flawed, as everyone is. Her lack of self-awareness is especially grating. Schilling does her best with it but she sometimes overplays it. In interviews she kind of acts like Piper in a ditzy way too which doesn’t help, though it shouldn’t be relevant.