Andrea Rishty
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Andrea (Annie) Rishty is approaching her 18th year of youth, expanding her horizons in the amazing world of media. She witnesses the trends before her eyes, but senses that being different in a monochromatic world is a challenge needed to be done. She's gone through several hair colors and cuts, but realized that her looks didn't have to be different, but her intellect should. She is a proud feminist, and will defend any and all businesswomen trying to make their mark in the male-dominated world. She aspires to develop her own organization, Passion Pencils, and teach diseased children creative writing as an educational and therapeutic activity. It's all or nothing, but be in it to win it.

Annie’s Book Review: The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

I’ve never read a John Green book before this masterpiece of his, but even from reading this book, I could tell that this man is a gift from heaven. Just to give a gist of the book, it’s about a…

Awkward Just Got More Awkward

I’m not really sure how many people are fans of MTV’s Awkward, but I’m one who sat at the television every Thursday night at 10:30 pm. The romantic comedy is a television series that anyone would die over. There are…