Brittany Menjivar
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Brittany Menjivar is a twenty-year-old music enthusiast who listens to everything from Britpop to '80s new wave to Warped Tour bands. She is passionate about many things in life, including (but not limited to) S. E. Hinton novels, the various projects of Damon Albarn, blue raspberry ICEEs, and thought-provoking films. Brittany loves spreading the word about interesting ideas, which is why she started writing for TYF. She also loves metaphors and similes, which explains why she enjoys reviewing music so much. In addition to being a member of the TYF staff, Brittany is a poet who has been published in The Noisy Island, Crashtest, YARN, and Canvas. On top of that, she's studying English and Film at Yale University, so her favorite song lyric is "Bulldog, bulldog, bow wow wow." If you're reading this, she hopes your day is full of good art and good vibes.