Claire Di Maio
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Claire Di Maio lives on the East Coast with a lot of Broadway paraphernalia and enough books to fill a small library. She loves period dramas, firmly believes Frasier is the best 90s sitcom, and will never be over the time she was in the same room as Greta Gerwig.

‘Nine Perfect Strangers’ review: Hulu’s new series is imperfect and strange

‘Nine Perfect Strangers’ is far from perfect, and not strange in the ways it wants to be, and is more interested in its star-studded cast than the story.

‘Schmigadoon!’ 1×01 & 1×02 Review: Apple TV+’s musical parody sings (if you’re in on the joke)

The key to AppleTV+’s Schmigadoon! lies in the exclamation point: a reference to Oklahoma!, the 1942 work by Rodgers and Hammerstein considered the first “true” American musical. The exclamation point is as much a reference as it is an indication…

‘Young Royals’ review: Not all royals matter in this romantic ‘Gossip Girl’ inspired teen show

If Skins and Gossip Girl had a splash of The Crown, you’d have Young Royals, Netflix’s new Swedish-language series about teens at a boarding school for young elites. The series centers on Prince Wilhelm (Edvin Ryding), the youngest member of…