Claire Di Maio
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Claire Di Maio lives on the East Coast with a lot of Broadway paraphernalia and enough books to fill a small library. She loves period dramas, firmly believes Frasier is the best 90s sitcom, and will never be over the time she was in the same room as Greta Gerwig.

‘The Morning Show’ 2×04 review: “Killing the Fatted Calf” finally moves the show forward

Apple TV+’s The Morning Show started on rocky footing, but is finally blooming into a series that understands itself. It’s February 2020, and the big issue at UBA this week is who will moderate an upcoming presidential debate. Several moderators…

‘The Morning Show’ 2×03 review: “Laura” embraces the show’s soapiness

The newest episode of AppleTV+’s ‘The Morning Show’ finally embraces its high-budget soapiness as Emmy winner Julianna Margulies joins the series.

‘The Morning Show’ 2×02 review: “It’s Like the Flu” is still getting ready to get ready

Apple TV+’s ‘The Morning Show’ lays the groundwork for an explosive season set in 2020.

‘The Morning Show’ 2×01 review: “My Least Favorite Year”

AppleTV+’s drama ‘The Morning Show’ returns asking more questions and giving few answers, but an all-star cast saves it from being a drag.

‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ signs off with a perfect goodbye

“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” airs a series finale that honors the fans and gathers the squad for one last heist. The show signs off with a perfect goodbye.

Every rom-com reference in this week’s ‘Ted Lasso,’ explained

This week’s episode of ‘Ted Lasso’ is a love letter to romantic comedies.

‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ 8×01 & 8×02 review: A new season for a new world

‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ has evaluated serious topics with sensitivity before, but rarely stretched beyond the confines of a single episode… until now.