Cameron Wolff
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Cameron Grace Wolff is a Minneapolis-based writer with a passion for film, television, and queer media. Her writing can be found at All the Right Movies, The Gay Gaze, and Emily VanDerWerff's newsletter, Episodes.

‘Tuca & Bertie’ 2×04 Review: “Nighttime Friend” is a heartfelt and beautiful portrait of a restless soul

There is something deeply sad and gut-wrenchingly lonely about a city at night. Something about the empty streets and the sleepless street-walkers evokes a sense of sorrow that rarely rears its head during the daytime. When everything is still and…

‘Tuca & Bertie’ 2×03 Review: “Kyle” dissects toxic masculinity with surreal wit

Tuca & Bertie, Lisa Hanawalt’s irreverent animated sitcom, frequently wraps complicated character dynamics and difficult psychology inside the candy-coated, hyperactive exterior of the show’s vividly realized world. The world of Tuca & Bertie operates by its own logic, offering up…