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Cameron Grace Wolff is a Minneapolis-based writer with a passion for film, television, and queer media. Her writing can be found at All the Right Movies, The Gay Gaze, and Emily VanDerWerff's newsletter, Episodes.

‘Succession’ 3×02 review: ‘Mass in Time of War’ dissects the Roy family

Bursting out of the gate from the first minute, the season premiere of Succession found urgency by charting the various members of the Roy family’s desperate bids for survival. The family at the heart of the stellar HBO comedy-drama, the…

‘Succession’ season three premiere review: ‘Secession’ prepares for all-out war

‘Succession’ Season 3, unpredictable as it looks, is sure to be full of drama and intrigue with a dose of deliciously cruel conflict.

‘The White Lotus’ season one finale review: “Departures” ends the season in depressing familiarity

While the atmosphere of ‘The White Lotus’ hypnotized, the series’ disappointing close proves it ultimately rang hollow.

‘Tuca & Bertie’ season 2 finale review: “The Flood” plunges the depths of friendship

While season two of ‘Tuca & Bertie’ felt like watching a break-up unfold in real-time, it also opened the show’s emotional range to unexplored topics.

‘The White Lotus’ 1×05 review: “The Lotus-Eaters” sends the resort into chaos

Even at the penultimate episode of ‘The White Lotus,” clarity and purpose on the show’s larger themes is still lacking.

‘Tuca & Bertie’ 2×09 review: “The Dance” is a dreamy vision of rocky relationships

Over and over, abusive behaviors, especially those in romantic relationships, tend to repeat themselves endlessly. Apologies start to lose their meaning, behavior remains unchanged, and the hurt from these words and/or actions linger. “I’ve had this issue with partners in…

‘The White Lotus’ 1×04 review: “Recentering” finds the guests at rock bottom

In “Recentering,” the latest episode of ‘The White Lotus,’ the guests of the Hawaiian resort are caught in cycles that created by their own hands.