Donald Strohman
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​Donald Strohman is a Pennsylvania State University film graduate currently residing in Metro Atlanta, Georgia. Before being a part of The Young Folks team, he contributed to GameDeck, GameSkinny, and the satire website The Black Sheep. When he's not trying to fulfill his life long dream of becoming the "Hash Slinging Slasher", Donald enjoys watching movies, playing video games, and writing; sometimes all at once. He's also currently doing background extra work all across the Georgia state. He's appeared in several shows and films such as 'Sleepy Hollow', 'MacGyver' and '24: Legacy'.

Movie Review: Zoolander 2

Who here has seen Anchorman 2? Most moviegoers would agree that, despite the sequel not happening until 10 years had passed since the original, it was still a worthy and humorous addition to the Ancho…