Maxwell Zupke
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Maxwell’s a fifteen year old critic and writer whose ideal life would feature several Academy Awards as a Hollywood writer and director, homes in Venice and Paris, a personal correspondence with JK Rowling, and the superpower to eat as much bacon and ice cream (not together) as possible while remaining in shape (to the standards of a nerd, of course). He enjoys acting in Shakespearean productions and improvisational comedy in Wisconsin, and his favorite film is David Fincher’s The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. You can contact him at

Pottermore so far

Flashback to July last year. Potterheads all over the world were celebrating the joint birthday of J. K. Rowling and her beloved character Harry Potter, when lo and behold came the Magical Quill Chall…

Coming Soon: Skyfall

On November 9, James Bond 007 returns from a four-year hiatus in acclaimed director Sam Mendes’ Skyfall. When the official teaser trailer went viral, the Internet was abuzz with speculation. Cou…